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VERMITTELT - Greyhounds und Lurchers im Pound - REHOMED

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Out and Safe - Dunboyne Stray - Trapper, m, black&white
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Zitat von: petsireland.invisionzone.comOUT AND SAFE Trapper  icon_arrow.gif   

Posted 10 November 2012 - 10:03 PM

Name: Trapper
Sex: Male
Stray or Surrender: Stray
Kennel number: 25
Picked up: Clondalkin
Date in: 07/11/12
Needs out: Tuesday 13th November

Trapper is like most Lurchers, a pleasure to be around. He is a little treasure,
so gentle and relaxed. He loves the treats so much so that he found where I
had my stash and put his nose into the box of bonios, cheeky chap!!! ....

Nachtrag 20.11.12
K9interventions - 17.11.12 - "New arrivals coming soon"

Kontakt für Nicht-facebookler über die Hompage von K9interventions in UK

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Zitat von: GHINVERMITTELT - Buffy (lurcher)
second name: 
breed: lurcher
An ex-poundie, more information on request.
date of birth: 2011-06-00
country: Ireland
color: blue
sex: female
chip:  yes
tattoo:  no
vacinated:  yes
neutered:  yes
possible arrival:  2-3 / 2013
status:  safe in home

Sieht so aus (keine Garantie bisher), als wäre das jetzt Buffy bei GHIN  icon_arrow.gif

ZitatLurcher im Dogshelter Longford  icon_arrow.gif

Öffnungszeiten etc.

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REHOMED - Out and Safe - SDCC - Halfwaythere Hounds - Erin Hounds - Sophie, Black Greyhound Female 



Little Sophie in her new home :)  icon_arrow.gif

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=311733415601640&set=a.228557670585882.44795.223898464385136&type=1&comment_id=638341&offset=0&total_comments=14
Well she'll be halfway home Kxxxx she's heading to Erin Hounds Sighthound Rescue i dont think it will be long though before she finds a home! She's such a sweetie, has been fine with the cats, great with the kids, and wants to play!

Zitat von: A Dogs Life, 23.11.12 Out and safe icon_arrow.gif

Zitat von: A Dogs LifeOut and Safe - Dunboyne Surrender - Sophie, Black Greyhound Female  icon_arrow.gif

Name: Sophie
Sex: Female
Stray or Surrender: Surrender
Kennel number: 27
Picked up:
Date in: 20/11/12
Needs out: ASAP

This is Sophie. An absolute lady. Delighted to see I was coming in to see her, her tail
wagging. So gentle and elegant. Has a bite mark to her body. Very friendly girl. 


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ZitatThe lovely Miracle  - ** RESERVED **

Zitat von: Dundalk Dog Rescue10.11.12 - Miracle - Lurcher
This beautiful girl arrived to the Rescue this week.

17.11.12 - Dundalk Dog Rescue - Miracle - Lurcher - still in our care this week

Dogs currently in our care. 17th November. 22 von 23  icon_arrow.gif

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Out And Safe: Dunboyne Stray - Viggo, Brindle Greyhound Male

28.1.13 - In der Vermittlung von GHIN -
08.6.13  safe in home

Please share so I can find my forever home.

My name is Viggo and I am a 1-2 year old lurcher male. I am full of beans
and always up for fun. I am good with other dogs and good on lead. ...........

281012 ca. 22hoo; A Dogs Life: Out and safe

Zitat von: A dogs LifeName: Viggo

Sex: Male
Stray or Surrender: Stray
Kennel number: 16
Picked up: Tallaght
Date in: 22/11/12

Needs out: Wednesday 28th November 2012

Despite being lame on his front right foreleg Viggo was only too happy to come out
of his kennel for a long hug and some treats.He allowed me gently examine his leg
without any fuss or grumble which i was so impressed with. He has such a sweet,
trusting personality and wagged his tail the whole time i was there. If you can help
him please post, pm or call Martina on icon_arrow.gif.

Der Thread-Link auf fb  icon_arrow.gif 


South Dublin CoCo pound
Found - Cloonmore Tallaght
Zitat von: http://environment.southdublin.ie/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=288&Itemid=288
Stray dogs picked up - Thursday

Stray dogs picked up - Thursday  22/11/12

Follows are photographs of stray dogs picked up by our Dog Wardens on Thursday.
These dogs are housed at our pound, Blackhall Boarding Kennels, Summerhill Road,
Blackhall, Dunboyne, County Meath. Ph: (01) xxxxxxxxxx, Fax: (01) xxxxxxx.

Please note: Dogs may have been reclaimed by their owners anytime after these
photographs were uploaded and published

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Skippy ist nicht mehr in der Vermittlung.
Ich bin sicher, daß er nicht lange gebraucht hat einen Platz zum Leben zu ergattern.



Update 11.12.12

This special Lurcher fella is named Skippy – he is approx. 1 year old and has an adorable nature and is still puppy-like. He is a petite/medium sized chap and is loving and friendly. He will need a bit more training and still jumps up initially to say "Hi". He is a one of a kind -- unique and handsome. Skippy will be a rewarding pet – as he loves life and everyone he meets!


Zitat von: Carrick Dog ShelterMonaghan Pound Dogs - Homes needed urgently
Dog Ref : 542
Sex : Male
Description : Lurcher mix
Estimated age : 1 year

Status : Stray
Needs to be rehomed : 21/11/12 to 29/11/12
Ring 042 9664236 / 087 9634121 8am to 5pm mon - sat , 8am - 1pm sun .
If not reclaimed / rehomed then this dog may be put to sleep . Please read this in conjunction with relevant article posted under notes .
Update : Transferred to outside rescue 30/11/12


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REHOMED - GHIN - oasPound - SDCC - Yule, Skinny Black Lurcher Male



Update 131212
Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151384307797474&set=a.10151384307232474.538946.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9262823&offset=0&total_comments=16Out and safe

Update 121212
Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151384307797474&set=a.10151384307232474.538946.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9255539&offset=0&total_comments=14Hoping to get him out tomorrow subject to transport.

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151384307797474&set=a.10151384307232474.538946.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9223039&offset=0&total_comments=8A Dogs Life Owner may have been identified for this one.

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151384307797474&set=a.10151384307232474.538946.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9208266&offset=0&total_comments=6XX I took this photo. His eye looks odd here, but he was just mid-blink, his eyes are fine. He was very distressed though, and wouldn't stay still for a second. A little sweetie though, just wanted some affection.

Zitat von: A dogs LifeDunboyne Stray - Yule, Skinny Black Lurcher Male

Sex: Male
Stray or Surrender: Stray
Kennel number: 26
Picked up: Tallaght
Date in: 04/12/12

Needs out: Monday 10th December
Yule is very thin, even by lurcher standards. He totally stole my heart today as he is very scared in there but despite his fear was glad to have a visitor and what a gentle soul he is. If you can help him please post, pm or call Martina on icon_arrow.gif

fb icon_arrow.gif

Old Bawn Tallaght

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REHOMED - Out And Safe - Pound - SDCC - Zara, Tan Lurcher Pup Female

blumen_2.gif  *REHOMED*


Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151387440252474&set=a.10151384307232474.538946.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9262827&offset=0&total_comments=40Update, 13.12.12 - Out and safe

Zitat von: A Dog`s LifeZara

Sex: Female
Stray or Surrender: Stray
Kennel number: 29
Picked up: Tallaght
Date in: 06/12/12
Needs out: Wednesday 12th December

My heart just sank when i saw this little shivering baby sitting in her bed looking so scared and lonely. I didnt want to take her out of her bed so i took her photo from there. Zara is just adorable with the most heartmelting face ever. She rattled nervously for the few minutes i was there but stopped everytime i petted her. I wish i could've spent more time with her, she's a little gem. If you can help her please post, pm or call Martina on icon_arrow.gif

fb icon_arrow.gif


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Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/LaoisDogPoundShelter/photos_stream#!/photo.php?fbid=315763591869554&set=pb.107145512731364.-2207520000.1355402027&type=3&theater131212 - REHOMED

101212 - BOOKED

303/12 aus ** Dogs on Limited Time **

Zitat**Dogs on Limited Time**
vor 14 Stunden aktualisiert
The dogs in this album have had their 5 day stay and are on limited time
through no fault of their own. Please contact Denise if you can offer any
of these dogs a home.

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Rehomed 2012 -  OUT and SAFE - Poud - LDP 305/12 Greyhound, w, fawn

Rehomed in 2012

101212 - BOOKED

091212 - sieht so aus als gäbe es da schon eine Lösung

305/12 Greyhound, female, *

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Update 18.12.12:
nicht mehr in der Vermittlung - ich gehe davon aus, daß er zu Hause angekommen ist.



Willow - Greyhound, w, 2011


Zitat von: http://www.mayospca.com/index.php/homes-needed-for-animals

Willow is a female hound approx 19 months old, she is spayed, vaccinated and has
been treated for worms/fleas and is microchipped.   Willow was brought into care
after being reported as having spent 4 nights out in the cold in Castlebar.   She
would not have lasted very long as this breed has very little body fat and it is
difficult for them to keep warm.   We believe she had been dumped as unwanted
and has previously been a pet.   Willow loves people, is excellent with children and
other dogs, a sweet natured, most affectionate, gentle dog who needs a new home
as soon as possible.    icon_arrow.gif

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Hier gibt es Neuigkeiten:
MAAS - Sadie, Greyhound, female, wb, *~2008



Update 10.5.13 Oval 5 - der Thread ist geschlossen - wahrscheinlich ist Sadie vermittelt worden.

Mid-Antrim Animal Sanctuary


ZitatSadie is a spayed female, 5 year old, White and Black Greyhound.
Please phone us on 02894 463993 or visit us Tuesday - Sunday, 12-4.30pm
for more info.
Vorwahl für England - das ist Nord-Irland...

Die beiden anderen Greyhounds, von denen im Text UNTEN die Rede war sollten wohl diese beiden Schönheiten sein:

Out And Safe - Antrim Pound - 3 year old female greyhound

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=349056655192918&set=a.104695136295739.6155.104144843017435&type=1&comment_id=1004144&offset=0&total_comments=14This greyhound and two others are being looked after at MidAntrim Animal Sanctuary
but according to the dog warden, Paul Chapman, they are still council property and he
is interested in getting them into a sighthound rescue. The dogs have been vaccinated
and neutered.

3 year old female greyhound
in Antrim Pound  icon_arrow.gif

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131212 - Der Lurcher Trapper ist im Album "Dogs now happy in their new homes" angelangt

Seamus ( Trapper ) enjoying his new view

Von hier aus alles Gute für den weiteren Weg


Oval 5

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151791685047474&set=a.10151433247597474.545580.270131087473&type=1&theaterUpdate Juli 2013:
And guess what....now I have a great life filled with lounging, cuddly toys and lots of love.

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151397387307474&set=a.10151397334732474.540656.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9291082&offset=0&total_comments=10Rehomed from pound.



So, da ist sie nun wieder - jetzt sogar mit Namen
Zitat von: A dogs lifeAbbey

Sex: Female
Stray or Surrender: Stray
Kennel number: 25
Picked up: Saggart
Date in: 11/12/12

Needs out: Monday 17th December

Abbey was sitting in her bed waiting for me to come to her. A sweet friendly girl. Patiently posed for her pictures despite all what was going on around her. I then led her back into her kennel. When she realised I was leaving her in there she tried jumping up on me to stop me from leaving her. She has a nasty gash on her leg. If you can help her please post, pm or call Martina on icon_arrow.gif

fb  icon_arrow.gif



Edit 18h49 - da wird offensichtlich gerade die Website erneuert... Mal sehen wo der Hund wieder auftaucht..

Zitat von: environment.southdublin.ieStray dogs picked up on Tuesday  11/12/12
Slade Road,Saggert,