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Add an inline attachment
[attachimg=1 align=left width=400]
This will show a left-aligned image resized to 400 pixels wide with the post text flowing around it. Execpt for the attachment tag and its number all other parameters are optional
This will show the attachment as a thumbnail if available, if no thumbnail is available it will use a full sized image. The image will be in line with the text of your post.

attach=x, attachimg=x, attachurl=x, attachmini=x where x is the attachment number
align=left, center, right
width=### (number in pixels)

Modes available

You can choose the inline mode you want for your attachment:

You can choose how to align the inline image:

You can choose how wide to show the image:

How to use it?

Step 1 :

In the file selection, select the attachment file you want to upload;

Step 2 :

Select the inline mode, if any, you want using the list box "Inline modes";

Step 3 :

Repeat the steps for each attachment you want to upload. Move and edit the tags in the message body to suit your needs.

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