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GAZEHOUNDS & COURSING. The History, Art and Sport of ... - von M.H. Salmon

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The History, Art & Sport of Hunting with Sighthounds.

Autor: Salmon, M.H.

Veröffentlicht am 1. November 1999
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This revised and expanded edition covers all the AKC sighthound breeds, plus the
coldbloods, staghounds, coyote hounds, lurchers, etc. From the farm fields of the Midwest
through the wind-swept North Plains to the desert Southwest, join the author on hunts for
jackrabbits, coyotes, fox, and cottontails with a variety of purebred and mixed-breed
hounds. Meet some of the great old houndmen of the past and the legacy and lore they left
behind. Learn the technique of the trailhound/sighthound combination hunt. Gazehounds &
Coursing is provocative -- the author blasts the anti-hunters, insists on a strong
conservation ethic, and says that some AKC breeds need an infusion of new blood to
restore their working talents. Gazehounds & Coursing is evocative -- the author recounts
great hounds he loved well who have crossed the great divide, and game animals he wishes
in retrospect had gotten away. Above all, Gazehounds & Coursing is informative -- herein is
the necessary methodology for choosing, raising, training, breeding, and running the lithe
and graceful "longdogs."

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High Lonesome Books; erweiterte 2te Auflage (1. November 1999)
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ISBN-10: 0944383491
ISBN-13: 978-0944383490