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Oval 5:

--- Zitat von: Last Hope Charity, 08.12.15 ---LHC - Dubh, Greyhound, f, bk, young icon_arrow.gif

Status: Available

 A quick update: A big day for Dubh today! She got her cast off and the vet
was really happy with how her leg has healed. She is even using it as she
should be „smile“-Emoticon She has to stay on crate rest for another few
weeks,which means no running or jumping but this little lady is doing super

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Oval 5:
DRC - Diesel, Lurcher, m, fw, adult

--- Zitat von: Dog rescue coolronan, 17.10.16 ---

This beautiful boy came to us from Waterford pound a few days ago. The colour he is in
the first pic was actually oil that was put on him to treat mange „frown“-Emoticon:-( 7
washes it took us to rinse it out if him till eventually the water ran clear but now he's
clean and smells sooooooooo much better „smile“-Emoticon:-) We called him Diesel 😍
thanks to Ferrydogmothers for their help once again xx

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