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VERMITTELT - Greyhounds und Lurchers im Pound - REHOMED

Begonnen von Oval 5, 16.11.2012, 22h23

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CKDP - TUPENCE (27/9), Lurcher, male, wf, young - Pound

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Zitat von: Carlow/Kilkenny Dog Shelter, Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound

CKDP - TUPENCE (27/9), Lurcher, male, wf, young icon_arrow.gif

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KWWSPCA Malte - SDCC-ADP - Lurcher, red, young adult - oas

Zitat von: K.W.W.S.P.C.A. - 9.7.2018Thank you to Ashton pound for keeping Malte in their care for two months. Malte is now under the care
of the KWWSPCA, and will go to his foster home after neutering. In three or four weeks time he will go
to his forever home in Sweden.

Sorted 🙂..... thanks so much to all of you for sharing !

This very young lurcher boy has been in Ashton pound for two months. He needs out. Is there any rescue
group out there who could take him and find him a place... either in a shelter or in a foster home?
Our shelter is full, but if some rescue group could take him into their care we might be able to assist with
rehoming . Please share to try to get this sweetheart out of Ashton ASAP.


Zitat von: 28.5.18SDCC - Ashton Dog Pound

SDCC-ADP - Lurcher, red, young adult icon_arrow.gif