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VERMITTELT - Greyhounds und Lurchers im Pound - REHOMED

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ZitatSighthound Strolls

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=529856567065940&set=a.210612278990372.79375.207724022612531&type=3&theater
Fred and Jess have an announcement to make....they are no longer foster sister and brother....they are now permanent sister and brother! YAY!

Zitat von: 15.2.13Lurchers for rehoming

Fred, Lurcher, m, roughcoated icon_arrow.gif

Oval 5

REHOMED - GcSR - ADP - Pound - ref: 238/d - Saluki-Lurcher, bd, m



ZitatGlencarraig Sighthound Rescue - Greyhounds/Whippets/Lurchers
Wahrscheinlich ist dieser Hund aus dem Pound jetzt VERMITTELT - Bisquit icon_arrow.gif

und noch auf der Suche nach einem zu Hause; das "rehomed" war wohl nur vom Pound weg...


ZitatAshton Dog Pound

ADP - ref: 238/d  - Saluki-Lurcher, bd, m - date in: 5-4-13 icon_arrow.gif

Oval 5

Oval 5

GHIN - CKDP - oas - Ref 7/4, JoJo, Lurcher, f, f



ZitatGHIN JoJo

*Pflegestelle in Tschechien* 3/2014
Das Foto ist aufgenommen bei der Ankunft in Tschechien :-)

Zitat von: GHIN
Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/greathounds/posts/654085677961529?stream_ref=10JoJo has been found and she is safe with our friend Alex  Panic over!  Thank you so much everyone involved
JoJo ist stiften gegangen und wider gefunden

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.643028419067255.1073741850.114109535292482&type=1&stream_ref=10GHIN, 4.2.14 (scheint geklärt..)

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.643028419067255.1073741850.114109535292482&type=1&stream_ref=10EMERGENCY! Sweet Jojo - foster home needed urgently! (4 Fotos)

Meet Jojo, 1st of our high water refugees. She will be two in May. Jojo is a very
friendly girl, she gets on well with all dogs big or small. Healthy, fully vaccinated,
chipped, spyed. We are in urgent need of a foster home, we had to move Jojo
our of the boarding kennels because of flooding. Can you help? Please PM our
page / or email info@greathounds.eu or alternatively text 0871166543 (please
text only, we will get back to you).

ZitatCarlow Kilkenny Dog Pound

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564303956948362&set=a.564303930281698.1073741827.323457257699701&type=1&comment_id=1708924&offset=0&total_comments=9Booked for GHIN

CKDP - Ref 7/4, Lurcher, f, f icon_arrow.gif

Oval 5

GHIN - CKDP - Pound - Ref 9/4, Lurcher, f, bw



Baby Status: safe in home icon_arrow.gif

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=643038539066243&set=a.643037952399635.1073741851.114109535292482&type=1&theater4.2.14
EMERGENCY! Friendly Baby - foster home needed urgently! (4 Fotos)

EMERGENCY! Friendly Baby - foster home needed urgently!
The second high water refugee is our Baby, a smallish, friendly lurcher girl, who
will be 2 this spring. She gets on well with all dogs big or small. Healthy, fully
vaccinated, chipped, spyed. We are in urgent need of a foster home, we had to
move Baby together with two others out of the boarding kennels because of
flooding. Can you help? Please PM our page / or email info@greathounds.eu or
alternatively text 0871166543 (please text only, we will get back to you).

ZitatCarlow Kilkenny Dog Pound

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564303973615027&set=a.564303930281698.1073741827.323457257699701&type=1&comment_id=1708926&offset=0&total_comments=9Booked for GHIN

CKDP - Pound - Ref 9/4, Lurcher, f, bw icon_arrow.gif

Oval 5

REHOMED - WDP - Pound - Max, grey/tan/white lurcher, m, *adult


ZitatWicklow Dog Pound

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=287636521370529&set=a.287636371370544.1073741843.123183084482541&type=1&comment_id=667788&offset=0&total_comments=11REHOMED 30/04/13 according to public pound register.

ZitatGorgeously young playful and lively lurcher boy!

Max, grey/tan/white lurcher, m, *adult ~ available on the 23.04.2013 icon_arrow.gif

Max is currently in the care of the Wicklow Dog Shelter
ISPCA Dog Shelter, Ballygannon Mor, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow

Oval 5

Oval 5

GHIN - Bánín - CKDP - Pound - Ref: 29/4 - Lurcher, white-fawn, male

*REHOMED* - Bánín


ZitatGreat Hounds In Need

GHIN - Bánín, lurcher male

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/greathounds/posts/531795676857197Bánín kastriert

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4939613802243&set=a.4908912474729.1073741827.1055589477&type=1&theater&notif_t=likeHere's a photo of our foster dog Bánín with one of our own dogs Robin.
He's not really white white but we like the name. :) He follows Robin around most
of the time. Think he's sussed Robin's a softie! :)

ZitatCarlow Kilkenny Dog Pound

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=521893024514129&set=a.180392281997540.32710.114109535292482&type=1&comment_id=91579497&offset=0&total_comments=17Coming out today or tomorroe

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=566319276746830&set=a.564303930281698.1073741827.323457257699701&type=1&comment_id=1711873&offset=0&total_comments=20Philomena Mooney the pound same as others are workign hard to find him somewhere.
The pound have already begun his treatment for mange so despite what people think if
they just wanted to pts they wouldnt have bothered doing that.
we still have sometime
time so keep sharing his pic

Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound
Ref: 29/4 - Lurcher, white-fawn, male icon_arrow.gif

Oval 5

REHOMRD - GcDR - CSD - oasPound - CSD Ref No. 0642 - Greyhound, f, wbd, adult




Glencarraig Dog Rescue - Border Terriers/Greyhounds/Lurchers

Mabel - Gorgeous Greyhound Girl icon_arrow.gif


Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=164049177093102&set=a.163283177169702.1073741854.128232200674800&type=1&theater

Mabel is a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old small greyhound girl who came to us from Craigaven pound.
So far, she has been friendly, sweet and gentle and when meeting all the dogs here, she has
had good doggie manners. I'll update more as she settles. Mabel will be microchipped, vaccinated
and spayed before going to her new home.

ZitatCraigavon Stray Dogs

CSD Ref No. 0642 - Greyhound, f, wbd, adult icon_arrow.gif

Ref No: 0642, Greyhound, Female, Hall Rampart, Derrytrasna, date taken to kennels 24/4/13, available for rehoming from 29/4/12

Oval 5

REHOMED - WC&CDS - Pound - LurcherXBully, f, 1-2yo



ZitatWaterford City & County Dog Shelter

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=447906855286341&set=a.277575195652842.64768.262268673850161&type=1&comment_id=1127306&offset=0&total_comments=10hi all went to my new home last friday.

WC&CDS - LurcherXBully, f, 1-2yo icon_arrow.gif


female bull x lurcher, approx 1 to 2 yrs old, very friendly loyal loves Attention

Oval 5

REHOMED - GcSR - WDP - o.a.s. - Pound - Olga - Chloe - Cleo, Greyhound X, f, bw



ZitatGlencarraig Sighthound Rescue - Greyhounds/Whippets/Lurchers

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=176728725825147&id=128232200674800REHOMED Chloe is doing really well in her new home :-)

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=171956262969060&set=a.132706110227409.30302.128232200674800&type=1
Please share - Gorgeous Chloe is on the look out for her new family....  icon_arrow.gif

sie ist angekommen - es gibt einen neuen Link  smiley.gif
New Girl Chloe - Approx 1 year old (ex Wicklow Pound) icon_arrow.gif (Fotos)

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=166082816889738&id=128232200674800
Coming tomorrow, thanks Sheila, for collecting her for me :-)

ZitatWicklow Dog Pound

Chance-Name: Cleo -  Greyhound X, f, bw icon_arrow.gif

Date in 29/04/13 Greyhound Cross Black and White, Female. Chance name Cleo (80)
(please check ISPCA website for what they may have named this dog before calling the pound).
Cleo's a gorgeous friendly and bubbly girl full of llife.

1.5.13, 7h43 - Die ISPCA-Seite scheint für Wicklow noch nicht auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein.

3.5.13 - der Link auf die ISPCA-Seite :
ISPCA-Name: Olga icon_arrow.gif