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Retired Racing Greyhounds For Dummies - Lee Livingood

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Retired Racing Greyhounds FOR DUMMIES
von Lee Livingood

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Zitat von: http://www.wiley-vch.de/publish/dt/books/ISBN0-7645-5276-7

"The next best thing to having an experienced Greyhound owner living with you."
--Joan Belle Isle, President, Greyhound Project

"Anyone who reads this book and follows its guidance will have a happier,
healthier dog and be a happier, more relaxed dog owner."
--Hal and Karen Hawley, Greyhound Friends Northwest

The Greyhound has been celebrated in song and legend for thousands of years.
Nowadays, Greyhounds are bred almost exclusively for racing. In the bad old days,
prior to the 1980s, dogs that didn't make the grade at the track, and those past
their primes, were destroyed. According to official estimates, 60,000 of these noble,
mild-mannered dogs were destroyed each year! Fortunately, a number of organizations
now exist devoted to rescuing these unwanted dogs and placing them in good homes.

- September 2000
19,90 Euro
2000. 288 Seiten, Softcover
ISBN-10: 0-7645-5276-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-7645-5276-2 - John Wiley & Sons

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