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Veterinary Advice for Greyhound Owners - John Kohnke 1993/2000

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Veterinary Advice for Greyhound Owners Hardcover
John Kohnke

Greyhound specialist veterinary surgeon John Kohnke is well-known for his Vet's Advice
column in Britain's leading greyhound racing paper, the Greyhound Star. For many
years he has answered readers' letters on all aspects of Greyhound care, and it is These
practical, easy-to-follow letters and answers, packed full of Information, which form the
basis of this book.
If your greyhound is failing to reach its full racing potential, if you have a problem with
a picky feeder, an injured dog, or a bitch with irregular seasons, you will find the answers
to all these problems in Veterinary Advice for Greyhound Owners, Illustrated with
top-quality photographs and line drawings, a wide range of racing injuries are described
and treatments are prescribed which will take your greyhound on the road to
convalescence and back to racing fitness. There is also a wide selection of Trainers Tips
which will help you to get the best from your greyhound. 

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Ringpress Books Ltd (September 2000)
ISBN-10: 0948955872
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