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Greyhound Workshops für Besitzer auf den Chinesischen Festland

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Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/GreyhoundData/posts/2954964387897901Greyhound Workshops for Owners in Mainland China

The GRCC has conducted its first Workshop 1 and 2 Basic Injury Detection for greyhound owners in Mainland China. The injury detection workshops are "hands on" and teach a precise technique of examining any dog for muscle injuries.
The following subjects were covered:
Suitable Bedding, Nails, Acidosis, Cramping and Corns.

Examination of the: Shoulders, Accessory Carpal, Main Flexor Tendon, Metacarpals, Toes, Wrists, Hip Muscles, Hip Support, Gracilis, Calf, Achilles Tendon, Hock and Groin.

During the workshop which was held over two days we also spoke about feeding, vitamins and exercise. These subjects will be covered in full on future workshops.

The workshops were ran by our Chairman Shan Wei, Dr. Tong Jingbin Welfare Officer and myself and will be ongoing to improve the knowledge and understanding of caring for a greyhound.

Thank you to all on our workshops and well done on passing the first two workshops. A special thank you to the vets who participated and shared their knowledge.

To see photos please see:

Thank you for your Support

Fotos habe ich nur in dem fb-Beitrag selber gefunden.

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Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/GreyhoundData/photos/a.706928452701517/2930038033723870/?type=3


11. November 2019 ·

Tony Gallagher and Greyhound Data would like to thank you all for supporting our
Free Greyhound Update Service for Greyhounds in China

We have been overwhelmed with the continued support you have all shown .

Anyone who has ever sold a greyhound or had a greyhound they bred sent to Mainland China and would like to know what has happen to it the GRCC can help you.

Please email tony@grcchina.com.cn
and my team will do its best to locate your greyhound and update you on where your dog is, who owns it and if the owner is a member of the GRCC we will even be able to provide photos and videos.