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The Golden Greyhound - A Novel by Dwight Tilton - 1900

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Broadway was just shaking itself free from
the grip of a mighty northeaster. All night
the gale had shrieked through the canons of
masonry, whirled its stinging swarms of sleet
particles around corners, and piled its wet and
heavy masses of snow in weird, formless stretches
in the streets. Although it was almost noon, and
men, horses, and ploughs had been fighting
the storm for hours, not yet had traffic been
able to push itself into any semblance of order.
Save for the clanging of street-car gongs, the
tinkling of bells, and the shouts of men, the city
was strangely silent. For once, the demon
noise was hushed by the thick, white carpet
nature had thrown down around it.
The sidewalk clocks at Union Square were --->

.. und nein, das ist keine Geschichte über einen Hund,
auch wenn der Titel das nahe legt ...