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The Welfare of Dogs - Kevin Stafford

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The Welfare of Dogs  
Kevin Stafford

Zitat von: http://www.ciando.comvon: Kevin Stafford
Springer Netherlands, 2006
ISBN: 9781402043628, 280 Seiten
Format: PDF

This book is one of a series of textbooks on the Welfare of Animals. The dog is
the most widely distributed of all the domesticated animals and is used for a
wider range of activities than any other species. Dogs live in close proximity to
humans as pets but also as free-ranging street and village dogs. The majority
of dogs live short lives as street or village dogs and their lifestyle and welfare is
often poor. Many dogs work with humans and are also used for sport and
entertainment. This book discusses the management of all types of dogs and
how this affects their welfare. In wealthy societies the health and nutrition of
valuable working and sport dogs is generally good. However, their function may
predispose them to injury as for example racing greyhounds. Pet dogs are often
deeply loved, well fed and healthy but many exhibit behaviours which are
considered to be caused by anxiety. In addition many may spend a large
proportion of their lives alone. This is inappropriate for a social animal. The
welfare of laboratory dogs which is of concern to many people is discussed as is
the welfare of animals held in shelters waiting for re-homing or euthanasia. This
book is of interest to everyone interested in dogs and their welfare. These
include dog owners, veterinarians, animal shelter staff, students and academics.

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