Victims of Ireland's cruel hare coursing

Begonnen von Syrah, 07.09.2013, 00h09

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heute bei paws gefunden und ich erlaube mir mal das hier einzustellen. dazu gibts auch eine petition unter dem video, der englische text ist nicht von mir, sondern wie das video vom irish council against blood sports

"Every year in Ireland, thousands of hares are violently netted from the wild and used as lures for greyhounds in "hare coursing". These timid, delicate creatures suffer the fear and stress of running for their lives. Those hit by the muzzled greyhounds sustain painful and life-threatening injuries. Here is a small sample of the victims of this cruel activity (as revealed in official reports from the National Parks and Wildlife Service). Opinion polls have shown that a majority of Irish people want hare coursing banned - as it already is in our neighbouring jurisdictions of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. "