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CANCELLED - The Flat Lake Literary & Arts Festival 2012 - Monaghan - Ireland

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The Flat Lake Literary & Arts Festival 2012 - Hilton Park - Scotshouse - Co Monaghan - Ireland

Es war so viel geplant: This Year's Artistes
für dieses Jahr. 
Mal sehen wie das nächstes Jahr aussieht.
Alles nicht so einfach: 

Zitat von: http://theflatlakefestival.com/Home/Welcome
Although we hope to return next year, you can perhaps appreciate that we have
a lot to think about in terms of how we set about speculating its revival.

In terms of clearing our financial decks, we are going to have to schedule some
sort of small fund-raising event in the near future in order to pay a few outstanding
bills, perhaps even screening our Flat Lake feature film on the same day – So, we'll
be in touch soon...........