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Verletzungen auf der Rennbahn - die Statistik für Irland

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Mir ist eben eine Statistik der Renn-Verletzungen und Einschläferungen auf den Irischen Hunde-
Rennbahnen im ersten Halbjahr 2018 über den Weg gelaufen. Die Zahlen, heißt es da, habe der
IGB diese Woche veröffentlicht. 

Zitat von: Greyhound Awareness Cork, 14.7.2018

Greyhound Awareness Cork

According to figures released this week by the Irish Greyhound Board, SEVEN of the FOURTEEN
greyhounds injured at Curraheen Park during Jan to Jun 2018 were KILLED by the track.

Today is "Cork's biggest Greyhound Racing event" at Curraheen which is why we organised Cork's
biggest Greyhound Protest event at Curraheen at 6pm. Come join us if you disagree with greyhounds
being killed for 'entertainment'.

We have had protests at Curraheen between April and September for the last few years and each
time we see sweet little greyhound faces peeping out at us through dog trailer doors as they drive
past us into the track and often wonder if they will survive the day. Will they live to see another
dawn or will they end up in the vet's freezer today. It's is a heart-wrenching aspect of protesting.

Come join us at Curraheen at 6pm to speak up for all the greyhounds that are drugged, raced to
death, exported to China or killed before they even reach the traps. You will be glad you did.

Ich werde versuchen die Original-Quelle für die Zahlen des IGB hier noch als Link nachzutragen, wenn
ich sie finde :)