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VERMITTELT - Greyhounds und Lurchers im Pound - REHOMED

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Out and Safe - Pound - SWIFT, 5yr old blue female tattooed greyhound
Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=143370615827625&set=a.143360969161923.32988.128232200674800&type=1&comment_id=136021&offset=0&total_comments=2REHOMED




Die Hündin ist unter dem Namen "Swift" in foster care, ist beim TA gewesen und und wird demnächst kastriert werden.
Leider ist das mal wieder in 5 Postings verteilt auf der Seite von Greyhounds as pets N.I. und anderen

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Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=369729523125631&set=o.239182342782816&type=1&comment_id=1079724&offset=0&total_comments=6Greyhounds as pets N.I She is sorted-not out of pound yet but has somewhere to go

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=201915653286728&id=202852616509081
Greyhounds as pets N.I Greyhounds And Lurchers Ireland

vor 3 Stunden

Urgent space needed for this 5yr old blue female tattooed greyhound. She is currently in N.I but could be transported. Please pm us if you can help. She has very limited time.


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ZitatPound - Dog Shelter Longford - Lurcher, male, black and tan  icon_arrow.gif

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=459889500726577&set=a.372512386130956.73754.372510742797787&type=1&comment_id=86848059&offset=0&total_comments=19hes safe and well in rescue this evening

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=459889500726577&set=a.372512386130956.73754.372510742797787&type=1&comment_id=86853257&offset=0&total_comments=23Just to let everyone know that "Prince" - cos he is my not so little Prince is currently fast asleep on the sofa in his favourite place - cuddled up to his new mum (my daughter) all the way in England  smiley.gif

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REHOMED - Out a.s. - Louth Pound -  Greyhound female bd + 2 pubs

Update 29.8.13

Update 10.5.13 - Update on the greyhound family - Camille, Dino & Dylan


Update Oval 28.2.13
Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dundalk-Dog-Rescue/128303054454#!/photo.php?fbid=10151420723254455&set=a.10151420722154455.501580.128303054454&type=1&theaterDundalk Dog Rescue - 18. Februar

Camille - Greyound - Currently in foster with Sandra

Camille is a new arrival to our Rescue this week. Rescued from the Pound with
her 2 pups. As you can see, she is in an awful state. Thankfully things can only
get better for her now.

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Louth PoundGreyhound female bd + Black and white pup male

Greyhound female bd - 6991tc icon_arrow.gif
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Black and white pup male icon_arrow.gif

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Lurchers for rehoming

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ZitatDogs in Distress
Oval, 28.5.13 - ist zu einer Rescue gegangen - mehr kann ich nicht raus finden

Washington - ref 20 Lurcher X male
approx. 5yr

REHOMED(?) - Pete, Lurcher, m, bkw, long term, good recall icon_arrow.gif Der Hund ist nicht mehr in der Vermittlung zu finden.. ich gehe davon aus, daß er sein zu Hause gefunden hat.

REHOMED - Fred, Lurcher, m, roughcoated  icon_arrow.gif

ZitatMallow Animal Rescue
REHOMED  blumen_2.gif

Daisy - working very hard on her trial home, to make it her forever home

Oval 28.5.13 - noch in der Vermittlung

This is the wonderful Daisy - Lurcher Pup, f, dbd, 7 month old icon_arrow.gif

She is 7 months old, well trained on lead, in house etc., great with other dogs and cats,
and the most wonderful dog in every way.
She would like a place where someone is home most of the day, a soft couch to laze on,
and a few short walks/runs throughout the day. Please contact Tel.  icon_arrow.gif if you can help, thank you


GcDR - Ben & Jerry 8 - Adopted icon_arrow.gif

ZitatDog rescue coolronan

11.10.13 - Rehomed

13.7.13 - mittlerweile 11 Monate alt und sucht noch immer einen Platz zum Bleiben.

Oval 28.5.13 - noch in der Vermittlung

Newbie 12-2-13 - Beauty, ~Whippet X,  female, f, 9 month old icon_arrow.gif
Wird jetzt erst mal gesund gepflegt....

DRC - Mishka - GreyhoundXSaluki, female, bd rehomed icon_arrow.gif

Zurück gekommen - Wieder in der Vermittlung - blumen_2.gif - Wieder vermittelt
Wicklow, Rescued Lurcher, male(?), 2yo


VERMITTELT - MADRA - Gandalf, Lurcher, male, dbd, 5+ years


Oval 5

Lurcher SOS - SiSt - KWWSPCA - Ilona, Greyhound/Lurcher, f, wb, *Ende 2011

blumen_2.gif  *REHOMED - No. 250 Iona*


ZitatLucher SOS

IONA, 18 Month Old Sweet Lurcher Girl

Iona came from Ireland too,where she was a stray.  She is great friends with Cinnamon
who has now found a forever home and is the more laid back of the two.  Like her friend,
she is clean in the house, can be crated and can be left for up to 3 hours.  She has been
neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed and deflead and now all she needs is her
own home.

ZitatSighthound Strolls,

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=542479592470304&set=a.210612278990372.79375.207724022612531&type=1Pretty Iona, cat and small dog friendly is waiting patiently with Laurie at LSOS in the UK for a home of her own.

11. März

Lurcher SOS - SiSt - Ilona, Greyhound/Lurcher, f, wb

Lovely Iona will be travelling to the UK in the next few weeks to our friends at Lurcher SOS. Thanks Laurie :)

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.542327115780613.125172.156318851048110&type=1#!/photo.php?fbid=541227799223878&set=a.542327115780613.125172.156318851048110&type=3&theaterK.W.W.S.P.C.A. - 24. Dezember 2012

FOUND - This poor girl was found near in a ditch near Athgarvan starving & dehydrated. She's about 3 or 4.
If anyone has any information on where she came from or who might own her please call 0876887136.

Oval 5

Ich gehe davon aus, daß Samson vermittelt und mittlerweile wahrscheinlich auch umgezogen ist:



Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=143260572505296&set=a.132706110227409.30302.128232200674800&type=1&comment_id=132031&offset=0&total_comments=551.3.13 - Samson is joining a lovely family, with children. He will be in his element as he loves kids and is so gentle with them, he will also have a lurcher brother. He is leaving us next week. Delighted for this gorgeous boy as he deserves it after what he has been through the last few months.

Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=143260572505296&set=a.132706110227409.30302.128232200674800&type=3&theaterGlencarraig Sighthound Rescue - Greyhounds/Whippets/Lurchers
25. 2.13
I am convinced this boy (Samson) that I rescued from Ashton pound last week was possibly stolen from a family somewhere a number of months ago. He has definately been someones pet at some stage, he is house trained, loves the car, is used to being on a lead, is neutered (but not microchipped), he appears to have lived with cats too! There must be a family missing him and have given up hope on ever finding him. Please share, this post and pic and see if we can find his owners. I hope that someone recognises him from somewhere. Thanks

ZitatAshton Dog Pound - ref: 68/f - fawn rough coated Lurcher - date in : 11-2-13  icon_arrow.gif

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=477133459015028&set=a.457323474329360.105204.134168209978223&type=1&comment_id=80109308&offset=0&total_comments=13Coming into Glencarraig dog rescue tomorrow

Samson, fawn rough coated Lurcher

Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.141978135966873.32637.128232200674800&type=1Glencarraig Dog Rescue - Border Terriers/Greyhounds/Lurchers

Handsome Samson needs a family of his own, we estimate he is about 3 years old. Just out of Ashton pound today, he has had a bath and smells a lot better and seems to feel a lot better too. He is a gent of a dog, on his first walk today with me he was excellent on the lead. He won't be ready for his new home for a couple of weeks, but if interested in meeting him please call or email icon_arrow.gif for a adoption application form.

Oval 5

rehomed - GHIN - oas - Pound - Dunboyne Stray - Kizzy, Tan & White Lurcher Female

ZitatGreat Hounds in Need - safe in home

Zitat von: ADLUpdate am 30.4.14 blumen_2.gif



ZitatOut and Safe

Dunboyne Stray - Kizzy, Tan & White Lurcher Female

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Zitat von: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151550112147474&set=a.10151557223882474.556050.270131087473&type=1&comment_id=9837907&offset=0&total_comments=32Out and safe.

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ZitatREHOMED - NWspca - Max, Greyhound, male, 10 years old - in Irland icon_arrow.gif


NWspca: North Wexford Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

ZitatMax is a ten year old Greyhound who needs a sofa to call his own. Good with cats and dogs, neutered and vaccinated. He would best settle in where there are older children/teenagers. Call - 087 6392531

Oval 5

7.9.13 - update  icon_arrow.gif :-)

4.3.13 - SEREN Rehomed 04/03/13 (7 Fotos)

Annie (her Chance name) - Out and safe folks. More later.

ZitatWicklow Dog Pound

Date in: 25/02/13 Grey and White Deerhound, Female icon_arrow.gif


Zitat von: Chance........If you want to know more about any of dogs please contact
Wicklow Pound directly at 0404 44873 as Chance is not a rehoming
group. The opening hours are Monday to Friday 11 to 12:30, Tuesday
and Thursday 3 to 4, and on Saturdays from 10 to 12. Details about
rehoming and reclamation fees are on the main page of this photo album. ........