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*REHOMED* OGS in Irland - Lissa, Greyhound, weiblich , *ca. 2000

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*REHOMED* OGS in Irland - Lissa, Greyhound, weiblich , *ca. 2000

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This page details the dogs we have re-homed this year.
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* ca. 2000
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ZitatLissa is only 2 years old and has recently arrived. She is confident, happy, good on the leash
and in the car, and seems to enjoy running and playing with toys. Lissa is a happy girl who
eats well and gets along with her two roomies, Molly and visitor Pluto. More photos of Molly
as she settles in, though for now she seems to be doing very well! She has a funny ear that
flips forward sometimes....look closely at the photos and you will see!

Lissa has been here a few weeks now and her personality is beginning to shine through. She
is a little monkey who loves to play. She has gotten into the recycling bin and has adopted a
few old plastic containers as new toys, running around with them in her mouth, throwing
them up in the air and bringing them into her bed. She is a great one for making a small pile
of various odds and ends on a patch of grass near the barn. Lissa's corner. She is good on
the leash and great with the other 2 roomies. Lissa shows signs of never having been handled
much, though she is not shy or afraid, but just is not as into being cuddled and talked to
yet. She likes it, but is only beginning to ask for it. Nevertheless, she has great promise.