VERMITTELT - OGS in Irland - Gwen, Greyhound, weiblich, *2010

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* 25.4.2010
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Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary

Kontakt: orchardgreyhounds@eircom.net

Poor Gwen was found quite far from here in an abandoned house with one puppy only a few
days old. Not surprisingly, she was in very poor condition and very thin. They spent a short
time at a rescue center and then were taken in by a kind man who offered to foster Gwen and
her pup. The puppy has been offered a home, and the fosterer was unable to keep her long
term, so she was offered a place here. Gwen gained weight while with the fosterer, but still
has more to go. Attentive, undemanding, excellent with other dogs, Gwen has a particularly
beautiful way of moving and sometimes even posing. Very good on the leash and in the car,
and overall will make a great companion. Her coat still needs a bit of improvement, but that
will take place in the coming weeks. More photos will be posted soon. Gwen is also rumored
to be good with cats, though she will not be tested with cats for at least 2-3 more weeks.

Adopting from Orchard Greyhound Sanctuary