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Juli/August 31.7.-4.8.12 46.Int. Kongress der ISAE in Wien

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31.7.-4.8.2012 46. Internationaler Kongress der ISAE

Main Theme
Quality of Life in Designed Environments?

Main Topics
Positive Emotions
Intra- and Interspecies Relationships
Behavioural Indicators of Welfare
Mutilations and Welfare
Behavioural Development: Genes, Epigenetics and Ontogeny
Free Papers

July 31, 2012 – Tuesday
August 1, 2012 – Wednesday
August 2, 2012 – Thursday
August 3, 2012 – Friday
August 4, 2012 – Saturday

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General Information
The language spoken in Austria is German. However, most Austrians speak English,
and are happy to help visitors. Some also speak French or Italian. The language of
the congress is English.