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Statement des Greyhound Trust zu Exporten von Greyhounds nach Asien

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Zitat von: https://www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk/about-us/news/2766-greyhound-trust-statement-on-exportation-of-greyhounds-to-asia.

Greyhound Trust Statement on Exportation of
Greyhounds to Asia

14 December 2017 .

The Greyhound Trust remains gravely concerned about reports concerning
greyhounds that have been exported to countries where their welfare is
severely compromised. We have been assured by the Greyhound Board of
Great Britain (GBGB), the regulatory body of licensed greyhound racing in
England, Scotland and Wales, that they are investigating the most recent
allegations and we look forward to seeing the relevant action taken if
reports relate to greyhounds under their jurisdiction.

Racing or retired, all greyhounds deserve to have their welfare protected. To
secure the best outcomes for both retired and racing greyhounds, we work
collaboratively with all relevant partners to ensure that greyhound welfare is
a top priority.

We strive for a day when all racing greyhounds retire to loving homes and
are treated with compassion and kindness, as such we are always deeply
saddened to hear of any greyhound who does not get the loving home they
deserve when their racing career is over. The Trust strongly condemns the
exportation of greyhounds to countries where their welfare is at risk.

Lisa Morris – Tomkins, the Greyhound Trust Chief Executive said "As a
charity, we take great pride in our commitment to securing safe and loving
futures for retired greyhounds.  If racing or retired greyhounds are being
exported to countries where their welfare is compromised this is absolutely
unacceptable. We are active members of the UK Greyhound Forum and the
International Greyhound Forum and we continue to work with partners and
stakeholders to improve the welfare of greyhounds in wider society."

The Trust is an active member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for
Greyhounds, alongside the industry regulatory body and other animal
welfare charities. We have raised our concerns on this matter with both
Andrew Rosindell MP and Ian Lavery MP, who have both committed to
continue working with the Trust on this issue, and the many other
challenges we face to find homes for retired racing greyhounds in the UK.

Andrew Rosindell MP, Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group for Greyhounds
and Vice-President of the Greyhound Trust said: "Like all animal lovers I
was shocked and appalled to hear about the plight of greyhounds being
exported to Asia to often live in squalid conditions, with little or no animal
welfare laws to protect them. As chairman of the greyhound all party
parliamentary group I aim for the group and all its stakeholders to address
this matter and do all we can to stop this horrendous practice. The
Greyhound Trust continues to have my full support in their continued fight
for the welfare of greyhounds."

Ian Lavery MP, Chair of the Labour Party and Vice President of the
Greyhound Trust said: "It is deeply disturbing to hear of greyhounds being
exported to countries where their welfare is at grave risk. As a passionate
supporter of the breed, I strongly urge anyone with knowledge of this
happening to report it to the GBGB, and to continue supporting the work of
the Greyhound Trust to ensure that there is a safe and sustainable pathway
for greyhounds when they retire in the UK"

We are doing everything that we can to care for and home retired racing
greyhounds, but our kennels are always full and our waiting list filled with
hundreds of greyhounds waiting to come into our care. Finding homes for
these greyhounds remains our primary goal. Demands on the Trust's
resources continue to exceed our capacity and it is a testament to the
volunteers and supporters of the Greyhound Trust that we continue to find
homes for around 4000 greyhounds in the UK every single year.

We always want to do more, so if you are able to come forward and home a
retired racing greyhound, you secure the future not only for the greyhound
you share your home with, but also the one that comes into Trust care from
the waiting list. Please consider a retired racing greyhound as their nature
and adaptability make them fantastic pets.