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Zurück nach Europa aus dem Canidrome in Macau

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Greyhound Awareness Cork hat ein neues Foto hinzugefügt.
29. März 2018 ·
9 in Irland 2016 nach Macau verkaufte Greyhounds waren dort umbenannt worden
und 2017 von der Website dort verschwunden. U.a. wurde aus Crossfield Leona => Fine Nature 


Crossfield Leona-Reserved for Marion Fitzgibbon president of LAW

Save The Macau Greyhounds

Album Chrossfield Leona


Ankunft im UK am 16.2.19

ZitatHere is the official video from Save the Macau Greyhounds


Save The Macau Greyhounds

18. Februar um 16:31 ·

On a sunny Sunday morning, the 5 remaining dogs from the 15 who had arrived the previous afternoon were collected, fresh and rested after a good night's sleep in the care of the staff at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, by the Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary team before heading off to their foster homes in Scotland.

Happy lives ahead in bonnie Scotland to WIN'S, SO CHEERFUL, NORRIS ZAMBEZI, SO LIKE and ACCOUNTABLE!


Zitat von: https://www.facebook.com/ScottishGreyhoundSanctuary/photos/a.422899314392400/2551224394893204/?type=3&comment_id=2551260511556259&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7DIxxx Dxxx  All the Canidrome dogs' teeth are in an appalling state alas..

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Greyhound racing in Macau, China

"They weren't interested or able to run with injuries
Every dog that's running in races ... they're carrying an
injury" Christopher Reynolds has grave concerns.
Journalist/TV presenter George Lee is left with a kind of
unease about greyhound racing in Macau, China.
'Better Off Abroad' 27/11/16